Want to make God laugh? Tell Him your plans.

Sometimes I feel that nothing in life can really prepare me for what is coming up next. And I kinda like it that way.

So have a firm foundation.
Learn to improvise.
Embrace change.
Think for yourself.
Use your imagination.
And don’t be too proud to lean on a friend.

This is me taking my experiences, wiping them off, painting over the rough edges and giving it to you for more than it is worth. Hey, it works for me. And I know that I really know nothing, but seriously…

Life makes me laugh.

Icons Of Jessi’s Life #1

Icons Of Jessi’s Life #1

Sun Goddess

Sun Goddess

Be Smart About Sunshine…that doesn’t mean avoid it entirely!

Some poeple, such as myself, are very affected by the lack of sunshine in their lives.  During the winter, I get SAD (seasonal affected disorder) and get a form of depression due to such short days.  However, I don’t overdo it when the sun is out, the days are longer, and the warmth creates sun worshippers.

But avoiding sun entirely is not the route to go!

Sun exposure to the skin is the human race’s natural, intended, most effective and most neglected source of vitamin D.

Vitamin D sufficiency, along with diet and exercise, has emerged as one of the most important preventive factors in human health. Hundreds of studies now link vitamin D deficiency with significantly higher rates of many forms of cancer‚ as well as heart disease‚ osteoporosis‚ multiple sclerosis and many other conditions and diseases.

Because sunshine is a free commodity with no publicist or lobbyist, the Sunshine Vitamin Alliance is established as a coalition of right-minded physicians, individuals and organizations who advocate natural vitamin D production through regular, non-burning sun exposure.

Vitamin D Comes From the Sun

Sunlight is the best and only natural source of vitamin D. Unlike dietary or supplementary vitamin D, when you get your ‘D’ from sunshine your body takes what it needs, and de-metabolizes any extra. That’s critical – as vitamin D experts and many health groups now advocate 1,000 to 2,000 IU of vitamin D daily – five to ten times the old recommendations. Because too much ‘D’ from dietary supplements may cause the body to over-process calcium, nobody really knows for sure how much supplementary vitamin D is safe. On the other hand, sunlight-induced vitamin D doesn’t have that problem – it’s the way your body is intended to make it!

“ "Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, drink the wild air…” -
Ralph Waldo Emerson ”

The Spanish Bull

The Spanish Bull

King Rog

King Rog

“ "A useless life is an early death." -
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe ”

“ All who wander are not lost. ”

Beginner’s Luck

On here for the first time.

Little Swimmer told me this was the place to be.

Is he right?